A Day at the Office

I now know our ink refilling color and black and white printer inside out. Its nozzles dry out if you leave the printer alone too long (yes it appears we have the most social of printers on our hands!) and I had to introduce myself to the concept of a printer having cleaning programs and maintenance printing. It was all quite odd. The reason for my crash course is because I had orders from my etsy shop and I needed to print shipping labels. I ended up with 11 boxes containing many little sculptures! Thank you!


So I didn’t finish with shipping until 9pm due to learning new stuff and wanting to wrap up all my pieces carefully and treat everyone to a pendant or two. After that I went to go burrow through my stock and was delighted to find a variety of pieces I had forgotten about like this stash of handsome trinket bowls:


And this pretty impressive pile of items that I amassed while going through boxes:


There’s everything on that tray from tiles to miniatures to beads, pendants and a puffer fish vase! I’ll get to listing them over the next few days, there’s literally hundreds of items. I will likely not list everything or I’ll do in a multi-listing on etsy so I only get charged per sale rather than for individual items. If you spy anything there that you just want to see, drop me a line here or on etsy or if you’re on facebook that’s fine too!

I hope everyone is staying safe and well and I am really thankful for the sales I have had this week!


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