A Test Kiln Load

This week my mission was to test my 1990s manual Skutt kiln that I bought back in January to a glaze fire. Unfortunately it failed dramatically, likely only getting to Cone 3 before flipping its breaker. After doing a bit of reading I suspect the circuit is at fault (an issue with my kiln’s hardware would have caused a failure far sooner) and cannot carry the current needed when the manual kiln is set to “high”. So I ended up waiting for the kiln to cool and transferring all of my test items to my smaller kiln and firing it. Most of the items are not saleable since I did some glaze test tiles but I do have a couple odds and ends including this lovely Stag Jar with “Panacea” very cryptically stamped across its chest.

stag jar

This and other items will be for sale in my etsy shop or appear in later blog entries. I hope you are all doing well and staying safe out there!


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